We love our Knysna volunteers“The thing that lies at the foundation of
positive change
is service
to a fellow human being.”

– Lee Iacocoa

Volunteering improves the quality of life, not only for those that you help but for yourself too as it promotes self-worth. It’s amazing how a bad day can be turned around by helping someone else.

It takes little effort to help someone. Our volunteers are like you and me. They simply do what they can when they can. There’s no pressure except that you turn up at least once every 2 months. When help is needed, we send out an email and whoever is available steps in. This can range from being a chaperon for a kids trips to making picnic sandwiches. Old clothes, curtains etc. can be passed on.

With minimal effort, you can help! Got old equipment you don’t need e.g. computers, shelves? A restaurant and coffee for volunteer meetings? A minivan or bus with driver to take kids to the wonderful places Knysna has to offer?

Positive actions build character! If you are in High School and between 15 and 18 years of age, we’d welcome your help. Help a minimum of 6 times per year and we’ll write you a reference which you can carry proudly when you apply for higher education or pursue a career. Please note that you will need a parent with a car so that they can drop you off.

You will meet new, cool people with the same positive attitude. Whilst you’re putting a smile on a child”s face, you will be putting one on yours too. Plus you’ll be exploring and learning about our pretty town too.

If you prefer keeping in the background, you can help by sharing our stories on Facebook and Twitter. Know a business or someone in local government who may be attracted to one of our projects? Send it to them. Draw attention to our projects by commenting your support on our blogs.

Volunteer possibilities are endless… contact us.

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