Jaap se Baai with Love Knysna Projects“Not only is another world possible,
she is on her way.
On a quiet day,
I can hear her breathing.”

– Arundhati Roy

Love Knysna Projects (LKP) is the social responsibility arm of Love Knysna! which aims at uplifting the community of Knysna. The foundation is that our town belongs to all who live in it, no matter the colour of their skin or their bank balance. This is given statement through the slogan, “One Knysna, Our Knysna”. It is practiced through the belief that “no deed is too small” and that good neighbours help their neighbours. Empowered neighbours empower the town as a whole.

Knysna is the jewel of the Garden Route which is itself one of the prettiest areas of South Africa. Knysna, like many small towns, suffers from great disparity. A 2011 census counted the population at 68 000. The poor are the majority, mostly living on hills that look down on the town centre, holiday homes, hotels, malls and richer suburbs.

LKP is a voluntary organization of want-to-do-good volunteers who realize that Knysna’s vast socio-economic divide can be lessened through positive action seeking understanding through interaction. Projects aim to encompass social, economic and educative needs whilst acknowledging and supporting Knysna as a tourist based economy.

Jaap se Baai caves with Love Knysna Projects