• WordPress Website Design Course (3 x half days)
  • Basic Training: Manage Your Own WordPress Website (2hrs)


We offer courses for R3000.

Massive discount if 2 students attend at the same time (one with a laptop) – only R1500 each.

You will also own the website you’ve built and be given free domain name registration and free hosting for one year.

Awesome deal! Not only will you gain a skill but be able to make a website about yourself (e.g. track your history and share easily with your friends), for your favourite charity, your business, your dad’s business etc.

You have the option of being trained over public holidays and weekends too. It’s essential that there be a week’s space before the last lesson  so that you can apply what you’ve been taught and return with questions.

The student will receive a training manual not only for reference but so that he/she can practice at home.

50% deposit confirms booking. Final payment to be paid at start of second lesson.

To give you the skill to design websites using free WordPress software. As images are essential to appearance, you will also learn basic editing of photos and pictures. Web design can be a practical way of saving costs throughout your professional or business career, or offer you a future source of income. Before the end of this course, you will have built your first website – cool, hey!

You require sufficient competency in English so as to be able to understand your tutor and this tutorial. Familiarity with handling a computer (keyboard and mouse), browsing the internet and a program such as Word Document is essential. Combine these and WordPress is an easy to reach, step upwards.

Wordpress is an open source, web design and blogging platform. Open source means that the program is free for all to use. Yes, some people do believe in a better planet:) Additionally, several times a year, WordPress provides free updates which enhance security and capabilities.

It is an incredibly simple program to master. Some of the terminology may be initially daunting but, with a little assistance from us, you will quickly understand how easy it is. You do not have to code. WordPress’ accessibility is why it is the most used web design software in the world!

learn website designTHE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG offers an incredibly quick set-up with a variety of templates to choose from. For the tinkering novice, it’s a superb solution that requires no hosting fees (as they host it for you e.g. as Facebook and MySpace do). However, if you wished your domain name to be more attractive than you would have to pay an annual fee. The world at is better because it is infinitely larger with possibility. This will be your world where you will discover thousands of templates and plugins (programs that fit into WordPress) to choose from.

Our goal is to get Knysna and surrounding areas online so as to promote individual expression and business promotion. Websites should not be a “special”, expensive edition to a business – at their most fundamental, they are the internet equivalent of a business card. They can also serve as blog of your life or for the promotion of ideas or products. They can be your smartest CV i.e. impress a future boss. Naturally, we’ve created websites too. Our flagship is which is a good example of how much you can accomplish with one site. You can view examples of client and student sites in our portfolio. Rather than hold a client hostage, we encourage them to manage their own websites. We hope that you will share that spirit when you create websites for others.

We will help you understand WordPress and web terminology as we teach you how to best choose a domain name (and register it), build a website, make changes to the template, incorporate other programs (e.g. weather, social media sharing buttons etc.), blog better and SEO (search engine optimisation).

It’s important to have fun! Enjoy your journey from beginner to intermediate level and always asks questions. When at home, practice.

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wordpress website management trainingIt’s remarkable that at least half of our clients never use the full capabilities of their websites, instead choosing to keep them static, exactly the way they received. This is despite strong encouragement from us for them to blog i.e. add regular content so that search engines favour them better.

However, we’ve always tried to be helpful with those who take their business seriously…considering website management to be a big part of that. Towards this result, we’ve added instruction videos to our Manage Your Website section and given lessons to many.

We offer training that, depending on the user, takes 1 and a half to 2hrs. For R250, you can manage your website forever…and save a lot of money. Please note that this offer applies only to our clients i.e. those who have bought a website from us.

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