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  • Jetpack Subscriptions: This is the simplest solution. It’s placed in your menu bar for all to see. Every time you publish a post, it sends a simple notification to your subscribers. We can include this as one of the 3 free plugin services we offer (along with Weather, RSS feeds etc.).
  • MailChimp: An excellent service that offers all the whistles and bells and can be tailor designed to suit your website and logo colouring. MailChimp offers a free service for up to 12 000 emails per month (2000 subscriber limit). There are some differences but there is a close proximity to Word Documents so most will be able to figure it out. You must set up MailChimp yourself. Get your API code from MailChimp Support and send it to us so that we can connect it to the plugin we’ll install on your website for a fee of R200 (once off).

We believe in transparency, saluting those wonderful people who allow us to use their creations, and giving our clients options. To this end, we encourage you to follow the links above and consider what’s best for you.

webmaster services

Discuss your needs with us so that we can provide the best, possible option. Standard options would include:

  • Website updates (news, changes and photos).
  • Mailing List management.


 Mike Hampton is our resident wordsmith. Samples of his writing and more can be found at

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We accept that the internet is under attack from spammers, malicious hackers, corporate espionage and server meltdowns. There is no perfect solution in an imperfect world but we do our best to make it a happier one.

We will send you instructions on how to easily back-up your settings and posts/pages (writing content) according to your needs.

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Hosting, for a starter website with standard traffic is R480 (i.e. only R40 per month).

Websites with larger traffic volumes will pay extra but we assure you that it will be a price to smile at.