Möller has a passion for creating delicate and original nuances in taste with food. He roasts and blends his coffees to perfection, using only the finest quality Arabica beans. His raw coffee beans come from various coffee-growing regions well known for their superb quality, high-grown Arabicas. Möller operates from a small, boutique coffee roastery in Sedgefield.

As a creative food innovator, Möller also makes delectable Belgian chocolates, using only pure couverture chocolate and his own original recipes for praline fillings. Chocolate-making is an art which requires patience, dedication to detail and precision craftsmanship. Möller’s chocolates generously reflect these qualities and are a true gift to the discerning chocolate lover.

In resonance with his passion to present only the finest quality products to his clients, Möller also prepares a range of oven-roasted cashews and almonds – unsalted, salted and peri-peri, as well as delicious honey-roasted cashews and almonds. These products are freshly oven-roasted thereby maintaining their natural sweet taste, subtly complimented by the slightly darker roasted periphery of the nuts.

Möller and his wife, Lizé, also sell their coffee, vegetarian sausages/burgers and their delicious range of oven-roasted cashews at Sedgefield’s famous Wild Oats Market.