The Island Café is not only one of Knysna’s artistic treasures but one of its greatest restaurants too. The restaurant is an incredible component of The Turbine Hotel & Spa (as featured on the television program, Top Billing).

The site was once the power station for the timber industry. The refurbished facilities and equipment bring the past to life. The original wood boiler, four electricity generators and much of the equipment have been fully restored and blend in with the hotel’s décor themes. The restaurant is warmed by a quirky collection of vivid, mismatched Queen Anne-style chairs and art-covered walls. Different seating areas offer 3 different views and vibes; the sun room, the deck and the engine room.

Food is simply fantastic!

Cuisine: Tapas, Contemporary, International
Ambience: Contemporary Cool

044 302 5746
TH36 Sawtooth Lane, Thesen Island, Knysna