Tragically, on May 6 2015, a fire destroyed the restaurant. I keep this page up because i’m sure that the owners and restaurant will return strongly,
supported by locals and tourists alike!

Markus Färbinger and Liezie Mulder’s joy of cooking is shared through one of Knysna’s most famous restaurants, île de païn (Island of Bread).

Liezie’s meals are fun, unpretentious, full of vibrant flavours and textures. She is adamant about sourcing the freshest, best quality ingredients from nearby farmers and other purveyors, and shapes her menus around these, according to the seasons. As Markus says, “The best chef or baker can only be a good shepherd to the best natural ingredients.”

The staff at île de païn – initially a handful of young, enthusiastic people, grew over the years and gained in skill and confidence under Liezie’s management and mentorship. They are, she says, “an inseparable part of everyday life at île de païn.” “Atkins dieters, be warned:
When Austrian chef-patron Markus Farbinger bakes,
bread is all you’ll want to eat.”

For Liezie and Markus, île de païn is a world that includes all the small farmers, producers and others who have been handpicked to supply the uncompromisingly wholesome and flavourful ingredients essential to their daily labour. Their philosophy of good craftsmanship, integrity and simplicity, rooted in a deep and sophisticated understanding, and their intention to share their enthusiasm and love for food and life with others – these are what draw so many people to île de païn. Guests respond to the energy of the place, and in turn fill it with life, adding to the unique experience that it is.

To Markus and Liezie, île de païn is, “More than food. It is our sanctuary, our playground, our canvas.”


– 044 302 5707


– Tuesday to Saturday from 08:00 – 15:00
– Sunday from 9:00 to 13:30
– Located on Thesen Island, before the circle

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