Being a coastal town, you’d think that Knysna has the best fish dishes…and you’d be correct. But there’s so much more. Like everything else about Knysna, diversity presents richness here too.

Firstly, we have a sizable number of hippie attitudes which means wholesome, vegetarian cuisine too. Generally, though, the heart of the South African belly, so to speak, has always been meat, from chicken to steak. And, being in a region populated by game reserves, wild meat is also on offer…and ostriches too. Add a town that attracts settling foreigners and you receive a German, Italian and Chinese touch too:)

Yes, for a little town, we sure have a lot to offer!

There are a great number of restaurants, as many as 60! They range from full-your-family-up to exotically priced. We’ve seen bargain meals at R20 and even a New Year’s dinner priced at R4000! In our newsletter, we’ll be telling locals about the best specials to be had.

You can find out more about our restaurants by clicking on one below: