Veld Broeks Draai - Knysna ForestVeldbroeksdraai is the 6th stop on the ‘Rooted in Time’ Knysna Forest Self-Drive Tour.

Originally known as Veldhoekdraai, this was a once notorious spot for drivers: very narrow, with a sharp bend that reminded one of a fish hook.

To get anything but the smallest vehicle past the corner, you were forced to edge your way round it through a series of forwards-and-backwards manoeuvres.

This stop now serves as a perfect spot to cool down and freshen up. This stop also offers a short circular trail (± 1km) with the opportunity to view a few forest giants in their prime.


The name Veldhoeksdraai is an agglomeration of three words: veld (bush/savannah), hoek (hook) and draai (corner). Somehow, maybe because of mispronunciation, “velhoekdraai” became “veldbroekdraai”. This modern name translate into English as “Bush Pants Corner” 🙂

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