Kom-se-Pad and the San Ambroso Chapel Museum are the final two stops on the ‘Rooted in Time’ Knysna Forest Self-Drive Tour.


Kom Se PadKom-se-pad (Kom’s road) takes one on a long and winding road, ever deeper into the coolness of the Knysna forest.

This road was probably named after a well-known woodcutter in the early 1900s. It was a favourite route for the forest elephants. An info board and halfway stop allows you to learn about their legend.

Roll down your windows and take in the vivid colours and scents of the forest.


San Ambroso Chapel Museum - KnysnaIn the late 19th Century, the Colonial government sponsored the immigration of 32 Italian silk spinners. It was hoped that they would establish a silk industry in the Knysna Forests.

But the dream never materialised, as the locals, who had pushed the government to promote the project, had failed to realise that the indigenous mulberry (Trimeria grandiflora) is in no way related to the white mulberry (Morus alba – a native of China), which is the silkworm’s only source of food.

The San Ambroso Church was built for the Italians ten years after their arrival in 1881, to remind them of their lives back in the foothills in Italy and give them a closer connection to their home and religion.

The building, known today as the San Ambroso Chapel Museum, is open to visitors showcases the life and times of these talented settlers.

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