Rooted in Time tour 2 - Forest Legends Museum - David Gatebe Comrades Marathon Winner

David Gatebe (Comrades Marathon winner) visiting the Forest Legends Museum

Forest Legends Museum

As the ‘Rooted in Time’ self-drive Knysna Forest route continues, you delve even deeper into history.

Step back in time at the Forest Legends Museum at Diepwalle Forest Station where the lives of gold diggers, settlers and foresters will sweep you away.

Get up close with one of the most southern elephants of the African continent, albeit just a skeleton.

The museum houses a variety of displays and exhibitions which tell the long and winding story of the legendary Knysna Forest, its forest folk and the elusive Knysna Elephant.

Entrance is free.

Old Suzie Steam Engine

A stone’s throw away from the Forest Legends Museum, this colourful engine was used by woodcutters from about 1900 to extract and convert the mighty indigenous trees into transportable timber. It is said that Suzie enjoys a visit by anyone in the area and is more than willing to pose for a picture 🙂

Entrance is free.

Old Forester’s House (now tea room)

The Diepwalle Tea Garden and Guesthouse in this vicinity was once forester D.E. Hutchins’ house. He was responsible for constructing stone houses at the Gouna Forest Station, Diepwalle, Harkerville and Fisantehoek. Today you can visit the tea garden for a nibble or rest your head in the guest house, with thoughts of times long gone filling your dreams.

Entrance is free… but meals and drinks naturally have a small fee 🙂

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