Jubilee Creek Millwood and Homtini map of Goudveld Forest Knysna1Jubilee Creek, named after Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in the 19th century, was once the site of a gold rush. It’s now one of Knysna’s most famous picnic sites.

It’s located in the Goudveld Forest which is within the Garden Route National Park. It boasts hiking trails, for amateurs and the experienced, through stunning indigenous bush. Nearby, is the Homtini Cycle Trail and Millwood, another picnic site, where the mining town once stood.

The water is golden during daytime because of the way the sun shines on it’s tannin-drenched waters and stoney bed. Passing old mine shafts, you’ll discover a waterfall and pool 1.8km upriver. As proof of natural splendour, river water is safe to drink.

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Visiting Jubilee Creek is a must!