Jukani header50km north of Knysna, the jewel of the Garden Route, lies one of the most unique, interactive, wildlife predator parks on earth – dedicated to the preservation and well being of the world’s most inspiring carnivores by changing attitudes and changing minds – come, take a Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary tour! You will arrive filled with fear – and leave awe inspired!

Jukani is home to big cats such as lions (white and tawny), cheetahs, tigers (Siberian, Bengal and white), leopard (spotted and black), jaguar, pumas, caracal, serval cats and other wildlife species such as zebra, springbuck, zorilla, honey badger and various snake species.

A tour lasts approximately one hour and you are guided through the park by one of our highly skilled and very motivated guides who will not only give you an insight into all the animals…


  • Open: 9am to 5pm, 7 days per week.
  • GPS: Jukani GPS: S33’58’41.1” E23’26’15.7”
  • Directions: Jukani is situated 50 km from Knysna. Take the N2 heading towards Plettenberg Bay and continue past Plettenberg Bay remaining on the N2 for about another 10km. Jukani is a turn to your right, next to Plett Puzzle Park and opposite Royston Farms.
  • Rates at www.birdsofeden.co.za/index.php?comp=content&op=view&id=22.