There is so much to do in Knysna because there is so much diversity!

Knysna is unique. It has sea and beaches, forests and lakes, islands in the most famous (and cleanest) estuary in South Africa, is surrounded by a national park, and is an hour’s drive away from the Outeniqua Mountains. The town’s population is only 80 000, presenting the quaintness of a small town but the benefits of a modern one too.

There are shopping centres (Woodmill Lane and Knysna Mall) plus 2 waterfronts, Thesen Island and the other simply being called The Waterfront. Here and in between, you will find curio shops and art galleries. Owing to the natural beauty, our idyllic setting has attracted world class painters, photographers and authors.

Being a tourism driven town, Knysna has more restaurants than one can count (featuring everything from oysters and fresh fish to vegetarian dishes and ostrich steaks).

Sport is a major attraction, from mountain biking to fishing. Knysna hosts some of the premier events in the country. We are also the proud home town of 360Ball which was invented here and won the 2011 ISPO Award in Germany. We have a number of award winning golf courses in the area such as those found at Pezula and Simola.

Hiking is the simplest and cheapest joy. With such a variety of terrain, there’s so much to see. Getting back to nature will relax you and build a bond between you and Knysna.

For those seeking culture, the landscape is dotted with historic buildings and churches. And if you’re looking for the soul of Africa, then a trip into the northern suburbs is a must. Here, the townships (we prefer the word “communities”) may be poor but they are full of heart. We even have the biggest Rastafarian suburb at Judah Square.

The suburb of Sedgefield offers another world and is a favourite for picnics and paragliding. Enjoy a beer in town at the Forest Lodge or next to the beach at Pili Pili.

Want to be pampered? We offer some of the best spas and health retreats. Be exfoliated, manicured, massaged and loved.

Sightseeing, wildlife, eating, shopping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, street racing, golfing…and relaxing…Knysna has so much to offer its locals and tourists!

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Sedgefield - Paragliding