Hornlee Primary SchoolHornlee Primary is situated in the suburb of Hornlee in Knysna, South Africa. It is the centre of the community which mostly poor, black and coloured people who are termed by the government as “previously disadvantaged”. The community experiences a high percentage of unemployment, affected by the closure of the timber industry on Thesen Island and emphasised by the recession.

Grades R to 7 are taught. Language medium is Afrikaans. There are approximately 1000 learners (children).

Hornlee Primary SchoolAs a result of the Group Areas Act during apartheid, many people were forced to relocate to Hornlee. This prompted the government to build a second school, Hornlee Primary School, which opened in 1978.

The current staff includes 32 educators, 2 administration clerks and 3 other public servants. Since the beginning of the new millenium, the principal has been Mr. Neil Weber.

Hornlee Primary School