Hoekwil Primary School is a relatively small, rural school situated 3 kilometres out of Wilderness in the rural village of Hoekwil. Although it falls under the sub-district of George, it’s near the border and hosts learners from Knysna too. One of the schools main fundraisers is the annual Golf Day held at Knysna’s famous Simola Estate.

Hoekwil Primary is a section 21 public school. Grades R-7. Approximately 135 learners.

It was built from 1917 to 1922, when it was first opened. It’s a dual-medium school with dedicated teachers who play strong roles in the excellent achievement of the children in academic, sports and cultural arenas.

The children have the privilege of growing up in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.

Tel: 044 850 1079
Fax: 044 850 1079
P.O. Box 9 – Hoekwil – 6538