Oakhill School grew from an idea sown in the early 1990′s by pioneering parents who wanted an excellent all-round education for their children. They sought to establish a school which expressed “joy in learning”.

Oakhill is a private school with more than 460 pupils from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

College students follow the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) syllabus which maintains international university entrance standards and is the benchmark for the highest education qualifications in South Africa. Excellent academic results and wonderfully fulfilled and energetic graduates confirm Oakhill’s success and progress.

Oakhill is an exciting, vibrant, energetic space and the status quo is challenged here at every turn. Thinking independently, a love of learning and the joy of life are celebrated regularly and this website is a testament to the joy experienced here on a daily basis.

Tel: 044 382 6506
Fax: 044 382 5753
General Information: info@oakhillschool.co.za
GPS: S34.01.971, E023.02.480