Mike Kaplan - landscapes5As a graphic design student in London, I saw some of JM William Turner’s landscapes and seascapes and was intrigued by his interpretation of light and the movement of water.

Now, after having spent over 30 years as a designer, I have started photographing long exposure seascapes, mainly at sunrise and sunset – trying to capture the flowing quality of water and time.

Usually, photography is a medium that freezes a moment in time – but I believe my work extends that moment so that the flow of time can be seen.

My technique imparts a painterly quality to my work, but none of my images have been processed through any “paint effects” software or filters. I prefer printing my work on canvas which complements the effect.

Seascape and landscape photography in South Africa offers so many wonderful opportunities for capturing and interpreting the beauty of this country.

Living in the heart of the Garden Route which has numerous coastal towns and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, I have a wide variety of locations to photograph seascapes, which are my passion.

Photographing seascapes mainly at sunrise and sunset, I try to capture the wonderful light that exists at these times of day.

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