Here we will place links to the photo galleries we upload. We encourage your participation! Let’s celebrate Knysna and surrounds. Quality amateurs and professional photographers are welcome to contact us regarding a feature gallery. After all, photography should be a joy for all! If you have a website, we will gladly link to you.


What we need:

  • Photographs must have been taken on the Garden Route.
  • Be less 72dpi and 800x600pixels.
  • Photos should be watermarked (we may add the byline “As seen at
  • Send us a sample photo – theprettiesttown (at)

Mike Kaplan -

Mike Kaplan –


Knysna Estuary shot from Die Gieters - photo by Wicked Mike

Knysna Estuary seen from Phantom Pass – photo by Wicked Mike


A photograph is more than just
a gift to bring or send
And more than just the likeness of
a relative or friend

It is a kindly greeting and
a memory to hold
of happy times and pleasant things,
however new or old

It is a mirror that reflects
companionship and cheer
and now and then the wistfulness
that turns into a tear

A photograph is something to
adorn a desk or wall
or carry in a pocket and
display to one and all

It is a faithful portrait
the smile that friendship shares
to add its sunshine and to show
that someone really cares.