Dawn May 31 2016d - Knysna weatherKnysna has a micro-climate owing to the Knysna Estuary and and the bowl of hills surrounding it and the centre of town. That makes Knysna weather unpredictable and often different to towns only 30km away.

Real Feel Temperature in Winter can be as much as 5 degrees colder in the mornings. During the day, temperatures can be close to predictions.

Owing to it’s position between the sea and forests, Knysna can be very humid in the Summer, more like Durban than Cape Town even though so far south.


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Knysna weather is considered to be moderate. That makes hiking good all year round but particularly pleasant on sunny days in Winter; not too hot, not too cold. Coastal and estuary walking more exciting at low tide. Beaches can be visited all year round.

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