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The best bargains are to be found in Knysna’s wonderful charity shops of which most are conveniently found on the same block only 100m from the Main Road (N2). They sell books, clothes, cds and many odds and ends. The Epilepsy Charity Shop also takes orders for affordable wooden beds, benches and tables that are manufactured in their workshop. Next time you want to donate your old things, visit these shops and decide which one needs it the most:

Epilepsy South Africa Factory & Charity Shop
No Telephone
In Long Street in between Hospice and Red Cross shops

Knysna Animal Welfare (KAWS)
3 Market Street
Open: Tues-Fri 11am-2pm/Sat 9am-Midday

Knysna Hospice Charity Shop
044 382 6353
Corner Long Street and Market Street
Open: Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm/Fri 10am-4pm/Sat 9am-Midday

Knysna Red Cross
Long Street
044 382 2655


Love Knysna Projects (LKP)
Goals: Promoting multicultural common ground through fun education with an emphasis on tourism. Helping the poorer children of Knysna experience the joys of their own town. Also assisting the Rastafari community of Judah Square and increasing Knysna’s online webprint.
Main Street – Knysna Central
083 673 0909

Epilepsy South Africa
Goal: To provide integrated services that are equitable, accessible, sustainable and people centered with and for people with epilepsy and other disabilities and all affected by epilepsy, to promote social justice.
Up Grey Street – Turn left into Rio Road – Knysna
044 382 2155
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Knysna FAMSA (Family South Africa)
Goal: To actively participate in the protection and preservation of family life. To empower people to reconstruct, build, and maintain sound relationships in the family, marriage, and in communities.
21 Spring Street – Knysna Central
044 382 5129
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Knysna Animal Welfare (KAWS)
Goal: To protect animals, to heal their sickness, to fight cruelty and to teach others to do the same.
1 Marlin Road – Fisherhaven – Knysna

044 384 1603
Click here to read more about KAWS.

Knysna Hospice
Goal: Providing palliative home-based, nursing care for persons with incurable and chronic debilitating illnesses.
24 Wilson Street – Hunter’s Home – Knysna
044 384 0593

Loeriehof Old Age Home
Goal: Caring for Knysna’s aged citizens. Providing apartments, 24hr care and frail care services.
20 Graham Street – Knysna
044 382 2721
Click here to read more about Loeriehof.

Sinethemba Youth Development
Goal: Dedicated to mentoring and reintegrating children who ran away, or were expelled, from school.
Ntlanga St – Roman Catholic Church Hall – Khayalethu South – Knysna
044 373 0303
082 827 0091
Click here to read more about Sinethemba.