Mike Stripp - wooden sculpture of Cape Eagle OwlMike Stripp’s wooden sculptures bring gasps of delight to not only art lovers but bird lovers too as his attention to detail is exquisitely pleasing and, consequently, realistic.

Mike Stripp - wood carver

Mike Stripp making Art

He has been called South Africa’s finest wood carver of birds but his early beginnings found him building model ships that lead to building the real thing. After sailing off African shores for 5 years, Mike Stripp settled in Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa, which is well-known for attracting so much talent for so small a place.

Here, his delicate artistry and technical mastery has found inspiration, the outcome making one pause with realization at how uncommon a common dove is in its beauty. Never sedate with aspiration, Mike Stripp has expressed his affinity for owls and raptors.

These photos (click to enlarge) speak loudly for themselves…and that’s before you see the wonder of them in real-life 3D.

Mike Stripp accepts commissions.

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