“Knysna, The Beautiful Town” is our slogan, an apt description for our quaint town with an approximate population of 80 000.  Initially, a favourite amongst retirees and hippies, a village grew into the prettiest town in South Africa today. Aimed at the Tourism industry, there’s a stark contrast between the out-of-season period versus the smaller holidays but there’s always something to do for both locals and tourists.

The N2, the national highway which runs 2000km along the east coast of South Africa, from Cape Town to Richards Bay, passes straight through Knysna’s centre. Along this road you’ll gain easy access to the Knysna Tourism Office, Knysna Mall, Pledge Square and Woodmill Lane Shopping Center. Much of the town is within walking distance, granting easy access to local hangouts and highlights.

Pledge Square hosts King’s Sports Bar (with slot machines), Katembe Restaurant, Watermill Pub, Knysna Book Exchange and the cinema. Across the road is Knysna Mall which boasts regular chain stores such as Mr. Price, Woolworths and Truworths as well as Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and [email protected] Printing. One kilometre further along the road, with steps about 20m off the main road, is Woodmill Lane Shopping Center. Here favourites include Chaplin’s Coffee Bar and a gazebo which hosts live musicians twice daily.

Nearer the Knysna Estuary (more commonly, but mistakenly, called Knysna Lagoon) is the Knysna Waterfront and Thesen Harbour Town. Both of these are alive with choice, from curios and art galleries to restaurants and boats. Restaurant suggestions include Mario’s (Waterfront) and ilê de pain (Thesen).

Thesen is one of 2 islands in the estuary, the other being Leisure Isle. Leisure Isle lies 90 degrees and approximately 7km away. It’s home to Steenbok Nature Reserve, a beautiful location for casual walks and picnics which are likely to accompanied by a soundtrack made by the myriad bird types in the area. Bollard Bay is a perfect beach location for either looking directly between the sandstone, Knysna Heads or watching summer sunsets.

Knysna is simply amazing and unforgettable!