Judah Square logo x 250With the allocation of title deeds to land, the Rastafari formed an organization called the House of Judah (for all who lived there). The HOJ is part of a national Rastafari structure that has local, provincial and national councils working together on issues and projects.

The HOJ is registered as a co-operative under the name of ‘One Love Rastafari Tourism & Projects’. It is a member of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and Knysna Tourism. It is involved in various ways with Knysna Municipality, SANparks, Cape Nature and other other environmental groups on an ad hoc, prject basis.

There is a yearly membership fee of R100 for execitives and R50 for members. The HOJ also runs a R1 per member per day project from which the proceeds are used for community maintenance. Monthly, there’s an executive meeting which is followed by a general meeting for members. If urgent circumstances demand it, special meetings are called.

The House of Judah (HOJ) composed a constitution for its residents to abide by. It stipulated that the land would remain the community’s – if anyone wanted to sell their plot, first option would go to the HOJ or, secondly, to a Rasta wanting to come in. The HOJ must collectively agree on the new people coming in. In this manner, it would remain a Rasta community.

The House of Judah (HOJ) has a Sisters’ Council who meet weekly to work on projects and fundraising. Their efforts include arts and crafts, cooking and a Nyabinghi choir.