Judah Square - Rasta office wall


  • “I wake up to the sound of a deep base drum, and chanting. As I surface from sleep in my bunk bed at Sister Kerri’s B&B in Judah Square Rastafarian Community I become aware of other noises in the early dawn. School buses and taxis hoot in Khayalethu township. Children’s voices carry on the still air. A cow moos mournfully. Before I even open my eyes I am smiling…” – read the full review.
  • “I love it when the wonders of Knysna are mentioned elsewhere in the world so i was especially pleased to read that Marilyn Gray, co-producer of the documentary, RasTa: A Soul’s Journey (which involves Bob Marley’s daughter, Donisha Prendergast), had especially enjoyed his trip to Judah Square, Knysna’s Rastaferian community…” – read the full article.
  • “The Rastafarian Township Tour takes you on a journey into the spiritual lifestyle of South Africa’s largest Rasta community, a proudly eco-friendly group whose nature rehabilitation efforts have beautified their location and contributed to the reintroduction of indigenous flora and fauna to the area. Share in their history and pride…” – read the full article.
  • “I was invited to go to an Extreme Sports movie festival this past weekend and joked that I couldn’t because I was going away for a weekend of extreme culture. Man, it didn’t disappoint…” – read the full blog.
  • “There are “25” families living in this relaxed and safe community, all guided by the laws of oneness as Rastafarians embrace their daily lives. The ironic thing which stuck out for me was that the street that leads into Judah square is named NZIMENI Street which means ‘tough life’…” – read the full blog.
  • “We had heard about Judah Square from people we had met that were staying in the same backpacker (what we call a hostel in the U.S.) with us. They told us that they had just recently spent time in Knysna on their way to Cape Town and that they visited Judah Square. We listened to their account of their visit and it sounded like a unique experience…” – read full travel journal entry.


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