Judah Square Tourism Entrepeneur Award

Judah Square is a productive community. The following are their immediate goals. They are also a list of Needs which you can assist with…

  • A new community hall. The exisiting wooden structure is too small. Plans have been drawn up for a solid brick structure which includes a stage, office, 2 workshop rooms and toilet facilities. This will not only benefit the people of Judah Square but the surrounding area as well. The land has been gained from the Knysna Municipality. Funding for artisans and building materials is needed.
  • To improve and extend the Educare Centre so that they can accommodate the children on their waiting list.
  • 2 computers and an internet connection so that Judah Square can digitize their projects and heritage as well as connect to the rest of the world.
  • Skills training for sista’s.
  • Upgrading of the B&B homestays. More rooms and hot water showers are needed. This will cater to the demand from larger tour groups.
  • To finish and furnish the information centre at the entrance to Judah Square so that it can also serve as an arts & crafts centre and as a restaurant. This will provide much needed jobs and income.
  • Lock-up stalls for selling local arts, crafts and food to visitors.
  • Transport – to transport visitors and guests to and from Knysna central. This will also allow tourist excursions to local attractions as well as taking Judah Square locals to function such as school sports etc.

Community projects are ongoing. You can read about some of them in the drop-down menu of this section (hold your cursor over the Community Projects tab).