The Heads are the sandstone hills that protect Knysna from the chilly meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The Western Head forms a border between the sea and the Knysna Estuary, creating vastly different features and vibes for the suburbs of Knysna on either side.

South-facing is Brenton-On-Sea, a passionate holiday spot for those in love with salt air, sea sand and suntanning. It possesses fantastic rock faces and outcroppings that are magickal for sightseers, photographers and fishermen. It’s also one of the 2 main choices (the other in Sedgefield) for paragliders. Here is also a reserve for the famous Brenton Blue Butterfly, the only place in the world where it lives. Take a 5km walk along the beach and you will find Buffalo Bay, a popular swimming spot and place to braai in spring and summer.

Inland-facing, just off the N2 and the White Bridge taking one over the estuary to Knysna Central, is Crab’s Creek, one our most affordable and family friendly restaurants. Carry on that road and you will discover Margaret’s Viewpoint which offers a breathtaking view of Knysna, the forests and the Outeniqua Mountains. Thereafter, there are 2 turn-offs which will take you down to the water. The first introduces the oldest suburb of Knysna, Belvidere. It was here that George Rex settled and grew a community. A visit to the old, Norman-styled church and its cemetery is a must! The next turn-off takes you down to Brenton-on-Lake where there’s a jetty for small boats. Around the first bend, along the shore of the estuary, begins a series of quiet beaches that have become home for many birds, especially the beautiful, Egyptian Geese. At the end, just before the gap between the Heads, lies Featherbed Nature Reserve.