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YOU have to join the Love Knysna FB page. If you don’t go to www.facebook.com/loveknysna and click LIKE you will instantaneously discover that your nostrils are filled with marmite, there’s peanut butter in your ears and spiders in your pants! Not kidding!

Rather avoid that sticky, tickly inconvenience and become part of the LOVE KNYSNA community and Wicked Mike’s funny/serious world of news, food, jokes and politics… they mix like mud and jelly but will make you smile, frown or flip the switch for that light bulb in your head.

Is the Pink Panther... or Wicked Mike

The Pink Panther… or Wicked Mike? 🙂

What – you’re still resisting? This is suppose to be a 100% effective psychological brain controlling message…. damn… mmm… maybe I can bribe you with a free photo of the Pink Panther…

Yay, that worked You followed that link, CLICKED LIKE and were rewarded by feeling like sunscreen on the body of your favourite person… no, not your Mom

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