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Sustainable Seas TrustIn April, this year, as part of the SAMSA Sea Pledge tour, Knysna was introduced to SST (Sustainable Seas Trust) and Dr. Tony Ribbink.

Tony expressed a desire to work with Knysna to protect our estuary and coastal waters with the eventual goal being the establishing of a Hope Spot here.

SST is looking for a few interested people who will champion the cause rather than partially interested persons. You don’t have to be a conservationist or biologist but someone who loves Knysna, appreciates our waters, and is prepared to make part-time effort towards a good cause. This could be done in a variety of ways from photography to fundraising, from blogging to transporting children on educational beach tours.

Are you such a person? Do you know of any others who would be interested?

Contact us at welove@knysnahopespot.co.za.

Update: www.KnysnaHopeSpot.co.za erected. Volunteers still welcomed.

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