Volunteers Needed: Protecting Knysna’s Estuary & Coast

Sustainable Seas TrustIn April, this year, as part of the SAMSA Sea Pledge tour, Knysna was introduced to SST (Sustainable Seas Trust) and Dr. Tony Ribbink.

Tony expressed a desire to work with Knysna to protect our estuary and coastal waters with the eventual goal being the establishing of a Hope Spot here.

SST is looking for a few interested people who will champion the cause rather than partially interested persons. You don’t have to be a conservationist or biologist but someone who loves Knysna, appreciates our waters, and is prepared to make part-time effort towards a good cause. This could be done in a variety of ways from photography to fundraising, from blogging to transporting children on educational beach tours.

Are you such a person? Do you know of any others who would be interested?

Contact us at welove@knysnahopespot.co.za.

Update: www.KnysnaHopeSpot.co.za erected. Volunteers still welcomed.

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Community worker, activist and promoter in Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa. Avid blogger and owner of Love Knysna which includes the websites Knysna Keep, Knysna Crime Watch, Knysna Schools and Knysna Website Design. He's the founder of Love Knysna Projects, a voluntary association aiming to put educational smiles on children and bring the community of Knysna closer together.

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