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Above, a lovely video they made before Fiela, sadly, died.
Hold your mouse cursor over it for Play button.

Their nannying job entails keeping the babies clean, giving them bottles of milk, and keeping them busy so they don’t misbehave.

So far, so ordinary, but these nannies don’t have any ordinary charges; their job is to look after and help raise orphaned baby elephants at Knysna Elephant Park in South Africa.

The young women who do this are British volunteers who have given up their time to help provide 24-hour care to the young elephants who have been abandoned by their mothers.

They include Abigail Hearn, 24, from Brighton, Lisa Olivier, 28, from Somerset, Phd student Lisa Howard, 28, from Somerset, Melissa Dora, 25, from London and 21-year-old Paige White from Bristol.

The volunteers work at the elephant park which is home to a semi-captive population of elephants, most of which have either been orphaned or rescued from abusive circumstances.

Many of the baby elephants they have to look after are in the first few weeks of their life, and so despite weighing around 13 stone, need 24-hour care to ensure they eat enough and are reassured and happy after being rejected by their mothers…

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