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7-Day Retreat in Bavianskloof
23-30 November 2013
health retreat Knysna

3 Facilitators
8 Private Sessions
9 Modalities and Techniques
24 Hours of Facilitation and Teaching
280 000 Hectares of Wilderness
1 Labyrinth

Beauty – Peace – Success – You

Whether you are wanting to create energy, align your passion, let go of limiting beliefs or have a time out from the weight of your daily life, the Gathering is all about you – YOU CAN BE MORE!

Health retrest in Bavianskloof, WildernessSometimes you know you have to make changes but you just don’t know how. Maybe you’re choosing the burden of what you know over the fear of what you don’t know. In between the life that is not you and the life that is, indecision is draining your energy, making you tired, frustrated and possibly angry. We’ll help you find your vision and inspiration to make those changes.

Most people think that they cannot do what they’d really love to do because it’s too late, that they don’t have the time (or money, or experience, or qualifications) they need, or that they won’t earn what they need to maintain or improve their lifestyle. Most people think that one day, some day, some way, they’ll be able to do what they love doing. They could be right; it’s just that for most people, ‘some day’ never comes. We’ll help you Make that Day Come for You.

Maybe you don’t need to make changes but simply need time away to use your energy on yourself. Away from the distraction of family and work pressure, city noises and pollution, away from the rush – maybe you just need Time For You.

Whichever your reason, know that You Can Be More. The Gathering will help You focus on the lovely YOU you are.

We do not have a one size fits all formula. Through private sessions with each of the facilitators, and a programme designed to meet your requirements, this retreat moulds itself around what you most want to achieve and experience. We’re there to support your journey. Using our unique gifts and talents, let’s nuture and support you from the moment you arrive until you leave.


happiness and healthWe are 3 people with a vision. Each of us are passionate about our own field of expertise and sharing that with you. We have facilitated over 100 workshops around the world. We recognises that everyone is different, that there’s no standard ‘one-solution-fits-all’ so we’ll provide individualised attention and focus on YOU.

This is a committed time to you, by you, for you…where you have the space to work with yourself and hold your dreams and visions, and step into making them come true. It promises to be challenging, supportive, inspiring, fun, nurturing, private and introspective.

The Gathering will provide a nurturing environment; wholesome vegetarian food, rest and peace and quiet, times of silence – to challenge and integrate, labyrinth walks, group sessions, individual sessions, body work, bonfires, laughter and a really good break from all that ‘stuff’ of busy life. We will share and love.


  • Bennie Naudé – International EFT Trainer/Transformational Facilitator.
  • Jeanne Booth – Wellness Practitioner/Mind Body Energy Coach.
  • Linden Booth – Life & Executive Coach/Personal Development.


The Gathering retreat is held in the majestic mountains of the Baviaanskloof near Wilderness, surrounded by nature and peace. It is simple, basic and comfortable. The water is fresh out of the mountains, the air unpolluted and stillness a beautiful presence of its own. It’s perfect for walks aplenty and space for you to really let go, sleep and rest and ‘gather’ all those aspects of yourself and dance again.


We are creating something different – something that will give you a real sense that you can make a change and sustain it when you get back to your ‘real’ world. And if you just want some delicious nurturing, a chance to re-group and re-inspire yourself because you’re already on your chosen path, than you’ll certainly get that too.

Heal, revitalise, reconnect with passion and fulfill your potential.

Become You!


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