The Save the Choo-Tjoe Trolley

Save the Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe steam train1a

I bumped into Fraser Howell, head of the Friends of the Choo-Tjoe, and got to satisfy my curiosity about the marvellous train trolley in the parking lot at the Knysna Waterfront. We had a long chat wherein i, admittedly, played devil’s advocate on the virtues and non-virtues of saving the … Continue reading

Dreaming of the Choo-Tjoe

Steam Train - Outeniqua Choo Ttjoe

Steam billows into the air and the train hoots as it runs ponderously along the bridge, over the magical waters towards the beckoning forests. Harry Potter hangs his head out the window, wind rushing into his smiling face, inflating his cheeks and tickling his tongue. “This is what joy tastes … Continue reading