Dec. 27: Creedence Clearwater Revival Show at Knysna High School

Clint & Co. performing at Knysna High School - 27.12.2013

The popular Clint & Co. will be performing a Creedence Clearwater Revival Show at Knysna High School during the December holidays. Watch this video from an earlier tribute to get a taste of this band’s awesomeness. … Continue reading

Knysna-Plett Herald Reporter Needs Photo

fire helicopter knysna small

A new photographer for the Knysna-Plett Herald was assigned to get photos of an enormous forest fire in Rheenendal. Smoke at the scene was  too thick to get any good shots so he frantically called the office to hire a helicopter. “It will be waiting for you at the Knysna High School sport grounds,” he was assured by his editor. … Continue reading

Joke: Correct Language at School

School Cartoon

It was the first day of school after the October holidays. Knysna High School was back in swing and the kids were loudly chatting about what they’d been up to for the past 2 weeks. Suddenly, the new English teacher walked in. His face was so serious that all conversation stopped immediately as they scurried to their seats. The stern … Continue reading

Jokes About the Recession

Recession Joke

OBITUARY A man from Hornlee died and his wife phoned Action Ads to place an obituary. She said, “This is what I want to print: Marius is dead.” The woman at the newspaper said, “But for R20, you are allowed to print six words.” The widow answered, “OK. Then print: Marius is dead. Toyota for sale.” THE ORDER A Knysna … Continue reading