UK’s Daily Mail Features Knysna’s ‘Elephant Nannies’

Knysna Elephant Park - photo by Mark West - Barcroft Media

Above, a lovely video they made before Fiela, sadly, died. Hold your mouse cursor over it for Play button. Their nannying job entails keeping the babies clean, giving them bottles of milk, and keeping them busy so they don’t misbehave. So far, so ordinary, but these nannies don’t have any ordinary charges; their job is to look after and help … Continue reading

Historical Talk on Knysna Forester & Scientist

Deepwalls Forest Station in Knysna circa 1920s

The Knysna Historical Society will be presenting an illustrated talk on Professor John Phillips, who was appointed in 1922 as the first Forestry Research Officer to the Knysna Forest. You will learn more about life at Deepwalls Forest Station in the 1920’s. This will take place in the Activities Room at the Knysna Library at 17h00 on Thursday 2 August … Continue reading

Knysna History: The Royal Hotel (1938)

History of Knysna 6a - Royal Hotel (photo 1938)

Captain Thomas Horn acquired this site from Charles William Dutton in 1856, and ran a small thatched hostelry, the St. George’s Tavern, here, which he enlarged into a corrugated iron structure. After the 1867 royal visit by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria of Britain, the hotel was renamed The Royal Hotel. During this visit the … Continue reading

Elephant Hunting

King of Spain, Juan Carlos elephant hunting in 2006

King of Spain, Juan Carlos elephant hunting in 2006 It has long been the preserve of the rich and famous to go and bag an elephant or two. Never mind the suffering. Balls to those who oppose the ‘hunt.’ Let’s just get on with the killing. And of course, Royalty is usually at the head of the queue when it … Continue reading

Joke: Elephant Chases the Poacher

elephant cartoon

In the middle of a the Knysna forest, there was a poacher whose gun jammed and was suddenly confronted by a huge, angry elephant. He turned and ran as fast as he could. He ran and ran and ran until he ended up at the edge of a very steep cliff. His hopes were dim. Seeing no way out of … Continue reading