Brenton-On-Lake hike photos

Brenton-on-Lake hike

I love this part of Knysna so much that i had to debate with myself whether to share it with the world:) It stretches from Brenton-on-Lake to Featherbed Nature Reserve on the Western Head. It’s mostly secluded so best to go with someone or as a group. If you do encounter anyone, it’s likely to be a fisherman and his … Continue reading

Birds of Knysna by Jan Fourie


It’s hard to believe that JAN FOURIE is an amateur photographer who took to the hobby only 4 years ago. His bird photos are astounding! Jan’s a retired executive from Sasol who loves the outdoors and his Canon 1 D mark 1V (uses 70-200mm f2.8 , 300mm f2.8 and 500mm f4 lenses). His photos of Knysna birds include: Amethyst Sunbird, … Continue reading