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Neil van der WaltOne of the Garden Route’s nicest and most talented musicians, Neil van der Walt, died in his sleep at a guest lodge in Hunter’s Home, Knysna this week. Cause of death is yet unknown but was unexpected and tragic as he’d performed a show the previous evening and was in good spirits and seemingly good health.

Neil van der Walt was an incredibly talented bassist who had performed with South African greats such as Steve Newman, Robin Auld, Tony Cox and Wendy Oldfield. Many of us Knysna locals knew him from his many performances on the gazebo stage in Woodmill Lane. As Thunderbolt Sound Theatre, with Plettenberg Bay guitarist, Ben Badenhorst, he released an incredible E.P. that mixed modern guitar with African and Eastern influences – i’m glad that i have that keepsake!

I also had the pleasure of working with him, when he took the role as sound engineer, on several shows that i held at Chaplin’s Coffee Bar & Restaurant. Neil was a patient man, one of the few that actually listened when someone else spoke. He was, simply, a helluva nice guy. His presence will be missed.

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R.I.P. Neil van der Walt — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Mike,
    I was at the private party that featured Neill on the Saturday night. He was in good spirits and the show was amazing!
    He got into bed that night at the Bamboo Guest House and never woke up. They have suggested it was a heart attack.

    • I wasn’t going to mention Bamboo but had heard such (i stay across the road). I’m super pleased to hear that it was a great show. Dying will get all of us but few will be able to say that we fell asleep in good spirits! Thanks for sharing.