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Slow Fest Drive-in (photo by Des Scholtz)

Photo by Des Scholtz

For most of us who remember them, the drive-in conjures up images of open air movies, picnics and popcorn, a family treat, Happy Days. At their peak in the baby boomer years after World War II, and after the fad began in the US, they began to pop up all over the country and provided a wholesome way for a car-obsessed society to fill its expanding leisure time. They certainly represent a simpler time, a more family-focused time, a window into the Golden Era.

And that is precisely what the focus of the Slow Festival is; going back to a more family-focused time, providing all of us with a wholesome retreat from the frenetic and hectic lifestyles most of us lead nowadays. And it is also precisely why the Slow Fest Drive-In is back!

Slow Festival 2012 saw the introduction of one night of a movie shown drive-in style and it was a complete hit and sell-out. This year the organiser will be offering us 3 nights of drive-in bliss with 4 distinct movie genres; a classic movie night, a family movie night and a double feature- drama and horror movie night. “The idea is to allow families some chill time, some fun and a movie experience with a difference. The food stalls on the Village Green will stay open a little later, allowing you to stock up with delicious treats before the start of the movie too,” said organiser Cornel Delafield.

The nights to diarise for this special trip to yesteryear are Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th March. Tickets will be sold at the entrance to the Village Green (in Sedgefield) on these evenings from 7pm. Just look for the big screen. Tickets are R20 per vehicle AND R5 per person in the vehicle.

Ag please Daddy, won’t you take us to the drive-in…all 6, 7 of us 8,9,10. We wanna see a flick-a-by Tarzan and the Ape Men…All 6,7 of us 8,9,10!

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