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Goukamma River blocked3 -  photo by Wicked MikeThis is a photo record of the Kianu Satu grounding and oil spill.

Thank you to Bianca Bezuidenhout, NSRI, SANCCOB, Theresa Brown, Andre Steyn, Anton Heymann, Etienne Oosthuizen, Tom Sluijter and Alix Carmichele for feeding me photos during this Knysna challenge. Photos add perspective and emphasize all that was reported on this blog and Knysna Keep.

I have attempted to place them in chronological order i.e. as it happened. Unfortunately, we were not given any by the government departments involved so, presently, there are none of many of the people who worked so hard to protect our beautiful coastline and ensure that Knysna remains the prettiest town in South Africa – don’t forget them!

As you can see in the latter photographs, the Goukamma area has cleared up well. There are are no photos available of the oil that was swept out to sea and is causing our bird life distress.

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