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Paddy Rive - woodworker Knysna - photo by Dolores Coullie

Photo by Dolores Coullie

Paddy Rive, in his younger days, was an antique dealer in Cape Town and Jo’burg. For his restoration work, he would make many trips to buy wood from Knysna, a town surrounded by beautiful forests.

Ultimately, he fell in love with the peace, tranquility and delightful innocence of the small town of Knysna and consequently moved there in the mid 70’s. Establishing himself, he opened numerous quaint shops pertaining to the romantic history of Old Knysna.

When the town became too commercial he decided to retreat to his fabulous workshop which transports one back in time to how the Knysna woodworkers really lived and worked. People who have visited Paddy in his unique workplace in Welbedacht Lane may recall Jangles the beloved donkey meandering through the work area, amongst the tools, wood and implements. And there would be dogs, cats and chickens.

Paddy Rive - woodworker Knysna2 - photo by Dolores Coullie

Photo by Dolores Coullie

It is rumored that on nights of the full moon, as the fireflies flitter through the trees, the sound of merry laughter of the old woodworkers can be heard ringing through the valleys.

You can experience the essence of “the Real Knysna” by visiting Paddy at Rooidak Workshops (Red Roof Workshops) or catching him at his delightful stall at The Mosaic Flea Market.

Give Paddy Rive a call – 084 356 9190.

PS: Thanks to Dolores Coullie for her contributing this blog.

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