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Oahill School Art Exhibition 2012The latest Oakhill School Art Exhibition is a wonder – such talent and strong expression! It’s incredible for a stick-figure ‘artist’ like me to think that these creations are the work of students. Paul Wallington, Nicholas Uthbert, Gabriela Orzechowski, Jessica Broesicke, Nick Wright, Greg Austin, Sasha Benjamin, Amy Phillips, Georgina Ovenstone, Liza Combrinck, Rosey Finn, Emma Horn, Rebecca Lamb and Sandy McRae are amazing and a must-see!

Themes include culture, anti-culture, the consequences of civilization, our relationship with nature, dreams,  love, destruction, self-reflection, escape and trying to find one’s place in this world. There is fear here but conquered by the search for identity.

It’s been hosted by Knysna Mall again and can be found on the upper level (stairs next to Mugg & Bean). Concrete, bird droppings and red-winged starlings add to the art’s grittiness. I could almost imagine myself back in the underground of Durban. It runs until December 24 and is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

All bad photos are mine. All good art belongs to Oakhill’s talented students.

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