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Maren Seydack – 9 distinctions!

Oakhill School celebrates a 100% pass rate for 18 years running…

100% pass rate

87% University exemptions

30 candidates and 58 distinctions

1 candidate with 9 distinctions

1 candidate with 7 distinctions

2 candidates with 6 distinctions each

2 candidates with 4 distinctions each

Oakhill School, an independent school in Knysna, has achieved a 100% pass rate in Grade 12 for the 18th consecutive year, and 87% of students received a University exemption. Twenty six out of 30 candidates met the minimum requirements for Bachelor Degree Studies and four for Diploma studies.

Jo-Li Kotze – 7 distinctions

Oakhill Headmaster, Shane Kidwell said Oakhill continues to provide students with a foundation on which to build success after school. “Every pupil at Oakhill counts and I have no doubt that the Matrics of 2011 will continue to make a significant difference as they enter the next phase of their lives. The staff and the community at large congratulate this group of Matrics warmly and continue to be proud of their achievements.”

Oakhill’s Dux Scholar: Maren Seydack earned a level 7 (80% or above) in nine subjects, closely followed by Jo-Li Kotze with seven level 7 achievements. Harry Maarsingh and Kate Gardy achieved six level 7 achievements.

Harry Maarsingh – 6 distinctions

Oakhill School writes the National Senior Certificate examination conducted by the Independent Examination Board and the examination was conducted in accordance with the provisions of Umalusi which has approved the results.

Said Kidwell: “The joy of life-long learning was the most valuable gift ever given to me and an independent education, at Oakhill School, encourages the joy of discovering, thinking creatively and being innovative.

Kate Gardy – 6 distinctions

Every individual counts at Oakhill and our mission dictates that we facilitate every child finding that place where their passion and talent meets.

Oakhill believes that every young man and woman who passes through our doors has the potential to achieve greatness and our job entails figuring out how to unwrap that in each individual.

There is no doubt that the Matrics of 2011 have fulfilled their potential and we have no doubt that they will contribute significantly to society as they progress through life.”


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