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34 South - Knysna breakfast Spanish tostada R25

At only R25, breakfast with friends is fab on the pocket.

As readers of this blog will know, 34 South is one of my favourite restaurants in Knysna. The food is terrific and there are always big portioned specials at affordable prices to make us locals happy. They’ve extended the Specials board so that there are now 4 different options for morning, afternoon and night – yep, 12 all in all!

Yesterday morning, i was lucky to be there as it was the start of 2 new, breakfast menu items: The Spanish Tostada and the Breakfast Pizza. They also offer a 3-egg omelette but the past has found me, more often than not, having the English breakfast because the big bread slices fill me up and the spice on the chips gives my tastebuds zest. But i couldn’t resist the new tantalization or my yearning to try something i’ve never had before.

I chose the Spanish Tostada Con Tomate which is inspired by the everyday, healthy Spaniard diet. A homemade baguette is lightly toasted and decked with grated tomato. It’s served with olive oil and garlic mayonnaise which naturally found me grinding salt and pepper atop – tasty! It’s served with your choice of 4 fruit juices.

It’s a light breakfast and such a simple concept that i’m surprised that no one locally has conjured it before. And, no, this isn’t copywriting and the advert i’ve placed in the menu bar for August 2013 isn’t paid for. I enjoyed the meal and the innovation so became a sponsor by way of thanks:)

It only cost R25 which is in line with the other well-priced items. On top of that, you get a free Illy coffee or cappuccino – great value!

I’m sure to go decadent and try out the breakfast pizza next week.

34 South - Knysna breakfast special R29

Arrives with 2 slices of toast and Illy coffee – R29.

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