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http://www.dreamstime.com/-image3332342Taking place this Saturday 15 June from 2pm onwards in the garden area of Mo’s On Rex.

We will be carefully placing wrapped kiddies presents around the garden area and jungle gym area for all kids from the ages up to 10 yrs old.

Great for Moms who need to kick back and enjoy watching the kids in a friendly and safe environment shaking out their energy.

Great for Dads who would like to catch some International rugby taking place at 5pm in our cozy fireside BAR area – SOUTH AFRICA VS SCOTLAND live on our big screen T.V’s.

If you have kids, or know of anyone that has been enquiring about something for the kids to do, please would you kindly pass this email on to let them know. I am sure cabin fever must be setting in with the onslaught of the cold snaps.

Would love to see you all here!

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