Knysna Web Kick icon large“The internet is just a world
passing notes around a classroom.”

― Jon Stewart

The goal is to bring Knysna online. Knysna is not only behind world technological standards but so often doesn’t have the basic ‘website starter pack’. Websites are no longer special additions to businesses or organizations. They are an online business card that is expected. They can also serve as an information service to the community they serve or the world seeking interaction.

Through our partnership with Knysna Website Design, we have given locals affordable websites and even helped for free e.g. the wonderful A goal was to drop prices in Knysna and we believe that that has had some effect (Knysna Website design has hosting at only R480 per year and is happy to empower people through website design courses costing as little as R1800 – that comes with a free website).

The majority of Knysna schools are not connected via the web. Most Knysnians are unaware of the large number of schools within the municipal boundary. Through advertisement, not only do they become aware of our town but outside organizations gain invaluable contact info which could be used for various reasons e.g. drug awareness campaigns, AIDS education etc. We intend expanding this project so that the larger schools gain their own website too. This project, however, has proven very difficult as we were unable to find a single teacher prepared to help their school after hours. In fact, no principal responded to our calls or emails. We have listed a number of schools on but to truly succeed our greater ambition, we’d need a partner.

Other goals include increasing Knysna’s visibility via online maps and directories such as Wikipedia.

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