Judah Square Jump icon large“We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice,
owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations,
but to our fellow men
within the human community.”
– Haile Selassie

The name Judah Square is well known in Knysna and within tourism circles. It is the Rastafari community in the suburb of Khayalethu, a poor area which is traditionally referred to as a “township”. Established in 1993, it is managed by The House of Judah council which ensures, as part of their constitution, that it remains a Rastafari community. They are registered as a co-operative, the One Love Rastafari Tourism & Projects. The Sister’s Council (“Sister” is the Rastafari reference for “women”) works on projects and fundraising. The community fund has resulted in an office, a creche, a tabernacle and overnight rooms for tourists. They have a resident band called The Reggae Ambassadors.

The achievements of dedicated individuals with Judah Square deserve applause but there is still scope for upliftment. In consultation with Brother Maxi (head), Brother Zebulon (public relations) and Sister Kerri (Sister’s Council), we have identified their needs and goals which we will help them develop and fulfill. These will be added to as we share more of their community.


  • Awareness and understanding of Judah Square by Knysna citizenry.
  • Cultural exchange.
  • Development of Judah Square as a brand so that tour groups increase.
    • A logo.
    • A website.
    • A brochure.
    • Signage.
    • Map.
  • Activities for the children.
  • Awareness and growth of Rastafari small businesses.
  • A repository for Judah Square information.
  • A record of residents.
  • Tourist traffic statistics.
  • Retail merchandise.
  • Vegetable and natural medicine growth.
  • New community hall.
  • Schooling (extra lessons desperately needed)
  • Better relationship with media who use Judah Square for documentaries, articles etc.
  • Better relationship with the SAPS and government.


  • Computers.
  • Internet connection.
  • Creche toys and educational aids.