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Shaun van EckPress release: Chairman of the Knysna Tourism Board, Greg Vogt, announced today that the organisation’s CEO, Shaun van Eck, has been suspended.

“Shaun was suspended during a special meeting held this morning,” said Vogt. “A date has been set for a disciplinary hearing to take place, but at the moment we cannot divulge any more information without compromising the integrity of both Shaun and this Board.”

“Knysna may rest assured that we have acted with its best interest at heart,” assured Vogt. “Communication structures and procedures are in place to ensure that the Board, and Knysna Tourism as an organisation, continues to operate with marketing and promoting our members and our town as its highest priority. We shall keep residents well informed of any further developments.”

PS: As we try keep news here fun and lovely, you’ll have to pop over to Knysna Keep for a more in depth opinion on this momentous happening.

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