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 Knysna Splash 2012

Splash Mud Run – 21 December
The event is an obstacle course following a circular route with the start and end positions in Union Street at the entrance to the Knysna Sea Cadets Base.

The total length of the route is about 6 km.

Registration at the Sea Cadets Base will begin at 09:00 and close at 10:30. Entrants are free to start as soon as they have registered. There will be no prizes for the winners as this is a fun event. Everyone who completes the course will be given a colourful bandana to wear and treasure.

At the start of the event participants will crawl through a mud pit similar to the one shown on the website. Thereafter, they will be expected to hop over a series of tyres, climb over log structures, crawl through hoops made of tyres and run slalom style through a series of vertical poles. They will then run without further obstacles to the turn-around point at Loerie Park and back to the start but before they finish, they will be expected to crawl once more through a mud pit. At the finish, Knysna Firemen will be on hand to hose them down.

The event is open to everyone from 8 years of age upward. Adults may accompany small children.

Portable toilets will be placed at the start and halfway points as well as tables serving drinking water.

Splash Quack Attack – 21 December
500 bright yellow ducks will soon be emigrating from Hong Kong to South Africa.

When they arrive we will have a few training sessions at the harbour before the big day on Friday 21 December 2012.

The ducks will all be numbered and the numbers can be purchased, at the cost of R 20 each, via the website or at the harbour at certain times or at the Knysna Mall.

Numbers will also be sold from 09:00 on the day of the races. The races will take place on Friday 21 December starting at 13:00 at the Waterfront Harbour, and will consist of 3 heats with the first 10 from each heat racing in the final.

The prizes will be:

  • R 1,000 for the winner
  • R 500 for the second
  • R 200 for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

We have allowed for the tide and prevailing wind and intend for the ducks to paddle from the Quays Island to the lifting bridge or just beyond.

If weather conditions are poor, i.e. driving rain and wind in the wrong direction, plan B is to have the races on Saturday after the swim.

Duck posters will be set up at the Waterfront before the day and signs set up on the day. We will have binoculars to pick up the numbers of the leading ducks and a commentary of the race through a loud hailer.

Splash Knysna Lagoon Mile – 22 December
The course will be starting at the jetty at the Knysna Yacht Club, turn right into the harbour, under harbour bridge into Knysna Quays waterways, around the Knysna Quays island, back under the harbour bridge, turn left to exit at the Waterfront John Benn slipway into the Knysna Yacht Club parking area.

There are four categories of entrants namely:

  • 10 and under
  • 16 and under
  • Open and under 40
  • Over 40

All events start at the same time at 11:00.

The maximum number of entrants this year will be cut off at 500. Winners of each race category will be awarded medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Swimmers who complete the course will be awarded a medal for participating.

Prizes for the swim are as follows:

  • 10/under 2x R450.00 prizes
  • 16/under 2x R550.00 prizes
  • open 2x R800.00 prizes
  • over40 2x R800.00 prizes

There will also be lucky draw prizes for swimmers.

Registration will start at 7.30am 22/12/2012 in the Knysna Yacht Club grounds, as marked on the map.

Entrants can book & pay on line or at the registration table on the day.

Event swimming caps will be on sale at registration at R50.00ea.

No parking will be available in the Yacht Club grounds.

The prize giving will take place after the race in front of the registration point.

If you enter on line please bring a copy of the entry form & a signed copy of the indemnity form with you.

Splash Dragon Boat Dace – 22 December
Two traditional Chinese style dragon boats will be used in this event. Teams will comprise 10 paddlers plus a drummer on board to regulate the paddling pace. The organisers will provide a trained helmsman to steer the vessel. Teams will compete against each other in a series of timed heats ending in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.

The boats are 9.5m long and fitted with dragon heads and tails plus platforms for the drummer and helmsman.

The length of the course as shown on the map on the website is 200m long and will be held in the channel adjacent to the SANParks Offices at Thesen’s Village.

The first heats will commence at 08:30 and the final races will take place by mid afternoon.

The minimum age of participants is 14 years.

The winning crew will receive the Splash Dragon Boat Trophy.

Quarter, semi and finalist crews will receive individual gold, silver and bronze medals.

For more details, entry forms and rules, visit www.knysnasplash.co.za.


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