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Naturally Knysna logoThe Naturally Knysna initiative has given us the blueprint to function efficiently, resiliently and prosperously by distilling the principles that guide the successful functioning of natural ecosystems like a forest into a model for our town.

Now we need to start implementing that blueprint. If we go to the core of any natural system, the secret is found in the way all organisms work together to maintain the community and contribute to the healthy functioning of the system. And the best way to do that is by showing we care…by taking care of and empowering the community, by caring for and looking after our environment and by caring for and contributing to the economic vibrancy of Knysna.

What is this about?
Our first campaign will focus on the economic revitilisation facet of Knysna Cares Naturally and is focused on encouraging the support of local businesses and local “homegrown” goods and services. And so we are about to launch our “Go Local Campaign”. The aim of this campaign is to raise the awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs in order to create awareness, and to celebrate our local heritage. This campaign will focus on drawing the attention of consumers (locals and tourists) on the role they play in supporting local business through the way they spend.

The campaign will be on-going but will be launched in the week of the 18th of November, in preparation for the upcoming tourist season. Designed to grab the interest of the tourists visiting our area at this time of year, the campaign will encourage them to buy and support local and to enjoy our local natural and cultural heritage.

How can we get involved? It’s simple. As businesses, we would ask you to become proud partners of the programme and commit to two things:

  1. Create an awareness in your establishment/facility of goods that are produced locally i.e. have a dedicated “Go Local” section where local goods and produce are displayed using your own signage (be creative).
  2. Nominate one person in your business to be your “Go Local Ambassador” and to attend a 2 hour workshop in October (details to follow) to learn more about how you can get involved and what you can do to support the initiative.

This tourist season campaign will be followed by our “Buy Local” campaign in February, aimed more at our local population, and involving schools etc. The aim will be to encourage locals to start supporting and buying local as much as possible and encouraging businesses to give preference to local consumers through a voucher system.

Do I need to register?
Please show your support and become a partner by registering your business (you will receive your Knysna Cares Naturally branding for a minimum of R20 per business) before the 31 October 2012. We will be having an ambassador orientation workshop at the Knysna Library from 14:00 until 16:00 on the 31 of October 2012 where you can register. Please complete the form below and email to Thobeka@biowise.org.za or amoos@knysna.gov.za or fax it to 086 21 66 472. Please feel free to contact Sue Swain 044 382 0079 or Ilse van Schalkwyk 044 302 1646 ivanschalkwyk@knysna.gov.za for more details.

  • Name of business
  • Contact Person
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Nominated Go local ambassador (name and contact details)

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