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It's Slow Fest Time (photo by Des Scholtz)

It’s Slow Fest Time (photo by Des Scholtz)

It’s time! It has finally arrived! The country’s one and only Slow Festival – and it’s taken it’s sweet time getting here, only once a year and it seems to be the longest year every time as we wait for this wonderful event that sweeps up Sedgefield like nothing else does.

The town really pulls out all the stops as it’s draped and dressed in the colour of life; a beautiful celebratory orange. That’s usually the first sign that things are about to get interesting – about a month in advance as you travel on the main drag there are indications of change as Sedgefield Slow Town gears up for the 4 day weekend that is the Easter weekend.

Slow Festival time is a time for old and young to take part in a way of life that is particular to Sedgefield – a lifestyle of playing and taking the time to stop and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. A time to enjoy each other’s company without the interruptions of the everyday rat race in which we all run! Instead families get a chance to wind down and choose from over 20 fantastic, fun events.

How about starting with a trip to yesteryear and the Drive In (yes, you are reading an article from a newspaper in 2013) – on Thurs 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March? During the day families can visit the Village Green where the main action is – Food, Mitchell’s Beer Garden with regular tastings, Arts and Crafts Stalls, vintage MG car display, kids activities, mini train rides, buskers and more . There is a Trading Post and Yard Sale from Friday 29th March through to Sunday 30th March. If you prefer something a little more wild and are ready to party then PiliPili is running a Beerpong Competion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 21h00 to midnight – may the strongest liver win!

This year the Dog Walk, Talk and Show takes place on Friday. Come and take a walk on the edge of the lagoon with your human and canine friends. Or enter the Dog Show and dress up your pet standing a chance to win some great prizes sponsored by Simply Pets, Knysna Vet and Hills – all for a good cause of course as the proceeds go to Animal Welfare.

There’s the McDonald’s Paragliding Competition– dare to enter or simply watch them launch from the breath-taking Cloud 9.

Get your music fill at not just one but two music concerts- a Blues Concert featuring legendary blues guitarist Albert Frost and local sensations Wild Lettuce on Saturday afternoon at Forest Lodge and the LiveUrProsperity Picnic concert in the Park featuring Wild Lettuce, Leroy Botha, Skye-Hye, Keezee and Jian Smith at the Lions Club on Sunday afternoon.

There’s also the Out of the Bin Fashion Show – a recycled extravaganza or the Slow Fest Beauty Pageant – including anyone who ‘has the look’ – little babies, pretty girls, beautiful women and even their husbands have a shot at winning some incredible prizes – the competition is going to be fierce. The Smutsville Funky Hair Challenge only adds to the festive air as it seems that everyone and their aunt is out and about in town with hairstyles in colours and shapes that defy reality. Amos and Friends Family Theatre Show help to suspend reality too with their entertaining of the masses through comedy and music, these award winning artists are not to be missed at the Sedgefield Town Hall on Friday and on the Village Green on Saturday!

There’s something for the trail running enthusiasts too – The Spar Goukamma Traverse presented by Vivobarefoot is run through indigenous milkwood forests with some of the most beautiful views in the world (but I might be biased because I’m a local). The Family Fun 5.5km Trail Run is for everyone to enjoy, meandering along the Sedgefield Lagoon – that’s happening on Sat 30th March. If running isn’t your thing then perhaps Floating is! The very successful Anything That Floats brought to you by Adcock Ingram is good not only to take part in but to watch – the laughs alone will work muscles you’ve forgotten you’ve had. Come and see to believe that some things in and around your home really do float, or not…

The Slow Festival Sing Star is a first this year celebrating our talents not only with our eyes but also with our ears; the winners of each category get a chance to perform at the LiveUrProsperity Picnic Concert.

And that ladies and gentlemen is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more going on you won’t know where to go or what to do first but the Slow Festival is all about choice and what suits everyone across all age, races and creeds!

There’s a Sotheby’s Slow Biking Challenge where the slowest cyclist wins. Timberlake is presenting a Raw Chocolate Workshop. A Castle Lite Street-Bash is going on in Smutsville at Abees Tavern. Lad and Lady Lovely Legs is another competition to strut your stuff at. The NSRI Beach Volleyball Competition will see locals and visitors alike pitting their skills against the elements of sun, sea and sand – all proceeds of course going to NSRI, a worthy cause if ever there was one. Easter Bunny Beach Fling means Easter eggs raining from the sky – can it get anymore awesome? Yes it can, The Amazing Creatures and Band Street Parade ties it all up with a big colourful ribbon on Easter Sunday. You simply can’t afford to miss this Slow Festival… it really IS fun like it used to be! Every year it just gets better and better as we celebrate Slow Living!

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