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It’s incredibly easy to figure out that Wicked Mike is even less than amateur photographer…but having fun, as he says, makes up for lack of skills.

He came to Knysna for 3 days…and never left. One reason was the absolute beauty of the town and estuary. During those early days, he clicked away on his cellphone until his sim card was full. Eventually he got his computer, downloaded them, and then promptly filled up his tiny Nokia again and again and again.

Occasionally, he steals a friends camera but even he thinks it’s high time that he got one of his own!

He believes that it’s essential to portray more of the poorer areas as well as the outskirts of Knysna. Towards this, here are landscapes of Karatara, the farming and ex-timber region. Only 40km from city centre, it’s a whole new world – Knysna is magical like that!

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